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Richard Lees   

In 1989, Richard A Lees founded Northern Illinois auto appraisals Inc in Dundee Il 60118. Since that time, we have acquired and/or opened 3 branch offices in Illinois and Minnesota We now provide service on a regular basis to nearly every county in Illinois, 8 counties in Minnesota 2000, our firm handled losses for over 165 different insurance carriers and self-insured's. For the year, we did an equal volume of property, casualty and appraisal work. Our field personnel average over 15 years of experience as Multi-Line Adjusters Appraisers. We provide continuing education to all field personnel to keep up-to-date on changes in the insurance industry. We have a well trained and experienced support staff to ensure good service to our customers. All offices are on 24-hour call at no additional cost. All adjuster/appraisers are cell phone equipped to provide contact in the field. Emergency on-scene investigation is a service in which we take great pride. Our office network makes sure we can have an adjuster on scene promptly upon your request. In addition to our full investigation services, we have a full range of task fee services that we provide. If all you need is a police report or a scene investigation we have flat rates for these services and many more. We offer underwriting inspections, also. We can tailor the inspection to your needs so that you end up with all the information you need and you don't pay for information you will not use. We are fully automated in both auto and property estimating. We have electronic capabilities with which to provide your company prompt service. If you have any questions or your company has special requirements, feel free to contact our home office. We work hard to tailor our service to each customers needs.